How You Can Get Closer To Your Boyfriend After A Fight

All relationships have conflict. The difference between a great relationship and a horrible one is how you manage that conflict. Listen to this very personal Love U Podcast where I share the one thing my wife and I always fight about – and how we’re using this as an opportunity to get even stronger.

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Are You Jealous?

Have you been cheated on? Have you had men leave you for other women? Have you experienced a lack of trust? It’s not easy to come back from that, but it’s imperative for the health of your future relationship to choose a trustworthy man and kick jealousy to the curb. Check out this Love U Podcast which begins with a dream that my wife had about my best friend.

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On Empathy

black and white photo of a guy with closed palms

The reason I’m writing today is not that I have the one true insight that will magically heal the world, but, rather, for the opposite reason: because this is a time for humility and empathy. And, in my opinion, those are two qualities that are at an all-time low.

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I’m really proud of the 135,000 comments on this blog and the laissez-faire moderation I do (deleting personal insults, allowing just about all other topic-related commentary) and yet our regular commenters still come to defend their worldview but rarely acknowledge learning something valid about someone else’s experience.

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